A Brief Guide To Psychotherapy


A Brief Guide To Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is about curing the mind or soul. My hurried and clear definition of what the soul or mind is: our thinking and sensitivity. This can also concern our physical body especially our muscles and the routine we have developed. And because we are social being all these parts of ourselves are concerned in our relationships.

Psychotherapy can be split into two parts. The first one is psychiatry. This is practiced by medical experts which means that drugs can be recommended. All the drug cures for depression, schizophrenia, ADHD and so on are psychiatry. Most Freudian therapy is also practiced by medical experts.

The second thing is guidance, sometimes called psychotherapy. There are literally hundreds of approaches of psychotherapy or counseling. Frankly speaking, they can be put into four extensive groupings: those which emphasize our thinking, those which emphasize our sensitivity, those which emphasize our relationships and those which emphasize our physicality. The classic healing among those which emphasise our thinking is emotional Behaviour Therapy. This believes that thinking means intellectual treatment and that the way we think influence our feelings and behavior. The therapy is, therefore, to advance our thoughts and so become happier and/or more beneficial. The therapy is to listen to the feelings of others and yourself.

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