I’ve had back and leg pain on and off for the last 10 years. I didn’t receive any  relief after seeing my primary care doctor and with another chiropractor I had some relief but they didn’t address the primary issue of pain. Since seeing Dr. Jurack I feel much better and don’t have to live with leg and back pain every day. I can also now participate in a lot of activities that I enjoy and I feel more balanced when I walk due to the spinal adjustments and custom orthotics. I also like participating in the wellness program for nutrition where Dr. Jurack helped me see what I was allergic to and I feel better overall with taking the nutritional supplements she recommended. I have learned so many new and interesting health concepts and just to feel so healthy as a result of being there is amazing!

There are a lot of places to go to but my experience has been that the programs and individual treatments here are far superior than other places that I’ve been to. The staff here are all professional and caring! Dr. Jurack has a delightful personality and is very knowledgeable, skillful, and genuinely interested in the her patients.

-Barb L