Incremental changes While some people do best with changing everything at once and never looking back, some people are better off picking one goal at a time. Once you master it, then you can add another.

Start small. Schedule your health activities or changes for only a few days each week. As you continue, you can add more days. However, try not to justify yourself back to old habits. Remember to look forward. See yourself as the “new you”.

Make your new activity into a ritual. You have many rituals in your life: brushing your teeth, washing your clothes, changing the oil in your car, going to church, etc. It will take between 30-60 days for the ritual to become like a habit, and during this time discipline will be required. But discipline is only temporary. Emergencies and stresses of life can wear away our discipline. But rituals will remain. They will become part of your lifestyle.

Support. We all need support. Surround yourself with people who support you and act/think like the “new you”. Reinforcement and reminders, positive coaching and feedback help us stay on track. And, so does a well-adjusted spine. And this is my pitch for our services: Let me be your Health and Fitness Doctor (part of your support system) and help you stay on your health program. Make sure you come in for your regular adjustments and nutritional tune ups. We can also discuss what else you are doing to improve your health. Make regular chiropractic adjustments part of your health rituals.