Dear patients and friends,
Are your ears ringing? Well, every week, all of us at MHWC have an office meeting where we discuss how we can serve our patients and the community better.


At a recent meeting, it was brought up by one of our staff members, that she was talking to one of our patients earlier that morning who had brought up an experience she had the day before at another doctor’s office. This patient kept saying how much different her experience is at MHWC and how she enjoys coming for the good care she receives as well as the “family”, and caring atmosphere. She told of how the staff at this other office barely looked at her when she walked in and how cold and rude they were. After waiting over an hour in the room for the doctor (and never being told why it was taking so long), she only had a couple minutes with him before he was shuffled out the door to see the next waiting patient. She basically said she felt like a number and an inconvenience to the office she went to.


Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident and almost an expectation these days when we go to any doctor’s office. This discussion then brought us back to the golden rule about how we would like to be treated if we were in another person’s shoes. This is what we really strive to do at MHWC. All of us feel a deep connection to serving our patients and community and to helping get people well naturally. We appreciate the opportunities to help people that we have been given. This is why we also offer so many educational seminars and workshops.


This is also why we have fun events like our Patient Appreciation Party Saturday, June 27th (11-2pm), and monthly referral promotions.


So, what are some principles for personal success?


We need to keep a pleasant personality. People prefer to do business and interact with people they like. People like to associate with people who are pleasant to be around. Pleasant people portray themselves as sincere with a generous, cheerful and considerate attitude.


Maintaining optimal physical and mental health is essential. Even if we already have an enthusiastic and positive attitude, we must control our mental and physical habits so they remain life enhancing and productive for success. Proper rest and relaxation are vital to renew energy and sharpen purpose and focus. Most of us realize optimal health is the key to expressing our best, however we need to remember that regular chiropractic and wellness care is a necessary step toward physical and mental wholeness. Waiting until you are in pain, hurting, or not doing well is crisis management, and not maintenance. It is much easier to stay well than to have to get well.


Forming good habits is really smart. Both good and bad habits are formed the same way- through repetition. By understanding this, we have the power to change a negative habit into a positive habit by repeatedly commanding our thoughts and actions through positive motivation. These steps ensure that the positive habits become automatic.


Always giving that “little extra” can elevate our daily lives and help make a difference in the lives of others. Studies indicate that a shift has taken place from the “me” generation to the “we” generation. When we reach within ourselves, we will find that “extra something” we can give to those around us. When we give more than is expected from us, life will reward us.
I challenge you to give that “something extra” and make your life even happier, healthier and more successful. Make a bigger difference in the lives of others because that is where real joy comes from, making others happy.


I ask you to welcome challenges, look for opportunities in every situation to learn and grow, delight in the beauty around you and offer your sincere caring and kindness to others. This is the real “stuff” of life.


We are committed to giving you that “something extra” because we are committed to making a bigger difference in the lives of our wonderful patients. We hope to see you at the party!
In good health,


Dr Jurack