Dr. Shannon Schaefer
I was a forensic science major and worked as a chiropractic assistant to help pay for college. With no prior exposure to chiropractic, I watched patients come in to the office in pain and leave with a big smile on their face.

One patient that stood out to me was someone who was not responding to traditional medical treatments. She came in and within a few months of chiropractic care was able to feel her leg, walk without a limp and no longer dragged her leg. After that patient I knew I wanted to help people heal themselves naturally and not just cover up a symptom, I switched majors and started my journey to becoming a chiropractor

While I was in school my family would visit and let me give them adjustments. They were amazed at how easily their pain went away and have been supporters of chiropractic ever since.

Chiropractic care has had a huge impact on my personally as it has helped me overcome daily headaches.

The power that made the body can heal the body. Your body is capable of so much more than you give it credit for. Chiropractic is a way to help you HEAL yourself naturally and to function at your optimal potential no matter what age you are.

Dr. Janice Jurack
My parents brought me to a chiropractor in grade school after finding out I had a scoliosis (abnormal spinal curvature). I continued to use chiropractic care throughout my high school and college years to operating at peak performance in sports.

I shadowed the chiropractor in college and felt that the atmosphere was warm and caring, and the patients were coming in happy and ready to get well. I noticed the doctor spent time with each patient and was treating the cause of the problem. I then started working for this chiropractor and loved it! We saw miracles every day.

During chiropractic school I started to have allergies, sinus problems, more fatigue and side pain when I went running. I tried a variety of OTC and prescription medications recommended by a MD, but they did not help beyond symptomatic relief. As soon as I stopped taking the medication, the symptoms got worse again. The medications were not getting to the cause of the problem.

A friend of mine then recommended her chiropractor in Chicago, who was able to diagnose my problem and get me healthier than I had ever been up to that point. I found out things about my body I never would have guessed in a million years, including that I had food sensitivities, weak adrenal glands, and my body was toxic. I not only noticed resolution of the problems I mentioned above, but my whole body started functioning better. Even things I just thought were normal for my body got balanced and healthy again. This approach was exactly what I was looking for and I was hooked. This became my model.

Through chiropractic care, I knew I could help others achieve better health than they could ever imagine achieving on their own.