Dr. Jurack

Dr. Jurack

Dr. Janice Jurack
My parents brought me to a chiropractor in grade school after finding out I had a scoliosis (abnormal spinal curvature). I continued to use chiropractic care throughout my high school and college years to operating at peak performance in sports.

I shadowed the chiropractor in college and felt that the atmosphere was warm and caring, and the patients were coming in happy and ready to get well. I noticed the doctor spent time with each patient and was treating the cause of the problem. I then started working for this chiropractor and loved it! We saw miracles every day.

During chiropractic school I started to have allergies, sinus problems, more fatigue and side pain when I went running. I tried a variety of OTC and prescription medications recommended by a MD, but they did not help beyond symptomatic relief. As soon as I stopped taking the medication, the symptoms got worse again. The medications were not getting to the cause of the problem.

A friend of mine then recommended her chiropractor in Chicago, who was able to diagnose my problem and get me healthier than I had ever been up to that point. I found out things about my body I never would have guessed in a million years, including that I had food sensitivities, weak adrenal glands, and my body was toxic. I not only noticed resolution of the problems I mentioned above, but my whole body started functioning better. Even things I just thought were normal for my body got balanced and healthy again. This approach was exactly what I was looking for and I was hooked. This has been my model for the last 22 years.

Special Training and Skills:  Applied and Clinical Kinesiology, Functional Medicine, Koren Specific Technique, Professional Speaker Certification.

Family Life: My son, Drew attends Saint Norberts College in Green Bay, WI and plays football. My daughter, Haley is a fun-loving high schooler who enjoys golf and pole vaulting. My husband, Bob, is in the machine tool industry and my worst patient! We have a ten-year old British Lab, Bull, who enjoys hunting, eating, and sleeping. Our four-year-old Catahoula rescue dog Cash enjoys running and playing at the dog park and picking on his older brother.

Hobbies, Interests, and Activities: If you need to find me you only need to look outside… I enjoy running and hiking.  I train with my dog Cash; weight training; gardening; fishing; waterskiing; downhill skiing; golf; Watching my kids sporting events; attending badger football games or Admirals hockey games. If I am inside, I enjoy playing the organ or piano, doing puzzles, and reading up on nutrition and wellness topics.

How and Why I Became a Chiropractic Doctor.

Through chiropractic care, I knew I could help others achieve better health than they could ever imagine achieving on their own.

Dr. Jurack

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