As I’ve written time and time again in my blogs, as a Muskego chiropractor I can’t say enough about the health benefits of exercise. And, I have to admit that I’d thought I’d run out of new exercise incentives to pass along to you. But, here’s one that you may not be aware of…exercise can actually help you to get a good night’s sleep. That’s right! Sleep experts say that an aerobic exercise routine during the day can offer relief from insomnia.

A recent study at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois tracked 23 previously sedentary adults, primarily women 55 and older, who had difficulty falling or staying asleep. After 16 weeks on an aerobics training program that included exercising on a treadmill or stationery bicycle, average sleep quality improved. Not only that bu one expert on sleep and exercise believes that an hour of exercise can do more good than an extra hour of sleep.

So, the next time you’re tempted to “sit it out” instead of rising to the occasion and exercising, remember that keeping with a regular exercise routine during the day can help you to have “sweet dreams” at night!