Frozen Shoulder Causes and Treatment


Frozen Shoulder Causes and Treatment

shoulder-pain-treatmentFrozen shoulder can be an incapacitating shoulder joint pain condition. The pain and limitation of function can feel overwhelming.

Frozen shoulder, also known as adhesive capsulitis, is characterized by the stiffness of the shoulders resulting in immobility in the shoulder joints. There are several factors that may increase the risk of frozen shoulder, including certain medical conditions like tuberculosis, obesity, and even Parkinson’s disease.If you are suffering from shoulder pain then you can visit Bowmanville chiropractor for frozen shoulder at

The common symptom of frozen shoulder is stiffness and limited range of motion in the shoulder. However, there are three stages that accompany this occurrence.

The first phase is the painful phase, which normally lasts for two to nine months. Pain and stiffness may gradually build up and worsen at night when lying on the affected area.

The second phase the adhesive phase, lasting for four months to a year, is where pain may subside, but undertaking in the affected area is now limited. Rotation movements, as well as overhead ones, can be very excruciating. The last phase is the recovery phase where the shoulder joints are now recovered, and movements are back to normal.

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