Whiplash Health Tip with Dr. Janice Jurack

Listen in as Dr. Jurack shares some tips on how to prevent a whiplash, the causes of whiplash, the symptoms and how to prevent future problems from a whiplash.

Beat the Cold and Flu Season… Naturally

It’s that time of year again when it’s necessary to build up your defenses to germs in the air. Dr. Jurack shares 4 tips on how you can improve your Immune systems for a healthier body.

  1. Diet: Watch your sugar intake. Watch for hidden food sensitivities such as corn products, dairy or gluten. Check your digestive health. If you are using medications such as Tums, or Prilosec your gut is not healthy and can weaken your immune system. Probiotics are good for balancing your gut.
  2. Stress: Increased Cortisol in your system, caused by stress, will decrease your immune system.
  3. Physically: How healthy is your spine? The nerves in the upper part of the spine control the function of the immune system. If you sense a cold coming on we recommend getting adjusted.
  4. Supplements: Zinc lozenges are a good supplement but make sure there is no added corn syrup. Probiotics are good and can actually help with strep throat. B Vitamins help when under a lot of stress and Fish Oils are good. The list goes on and on… Oregano, Echinacea, Thyme. Essential oils can also aid in the process of boosting your immune system and providing a natural alternative to fighting off cold and flu season.

Always….. Try natural remedies first before taking meds.

Winter Health Tips in Muskego, WI

Dr. Jurack shares 4 health tips for making your winter safer and healthier in the areas

  1. Snow Shoveling – move your feet to the direction you are throwing the snow when shoveling.
  2. Walking on icy spots – wear proper foot wear to avoid any slips and spills.
  3. Take caution when driving and if you do have an accident, whiplash is a common injury even at slow speeds. 4-6 miles per hour can cause 1-2G Force. She recommends seeing a herself or another health care practitioner with in 48 hours of an accident for best results.
  4. Cold and flu season is upon us. Hand washing is a great remedy but also there are many probiotics and vitamins that will help you through the winter months. Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Colodial Silver, and garlic to name a few.

Staying Hydrated during Summertime Heat with Healthy Fluids
Dr. Jurack shares the skinny on the drinks you might be consuming to stay hydrated this summer. She also shares some tips on natural drinks that are much better for you.

New Year’s Resolutions – Refocus and Recommit to being Successful with your Health Care.
Dr. Jurack suggests that to be successful with your New Year’s Resolution that you change your focus to overall health including structure of the spine, chemistry of the body, emotional and spiritual attitude. Utilize professionals such as herself to find the underlying cause of your symptoms and have them her help you to reach your goal by December 2014

New Natural Remedies for the Cold and Flu
Dr. Jurack gives some practical tips on how to help avoid the flu…and the flu shot and other winter type illnesses for people in the Muskego area of Wisconsin.

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