Health Tips – Thyroid

Subclinical Thyroid Symptoms
Have you had thyroid testing and still suffer from the various symptoms associated with a poor functioning thyroid? Here at Muskego Health and Wellness we look at more than just the TSH levels of your thyroid which could be causing your numbness and tingling, weight gain, constipation, mental fog and brittle hair and nails to name a few. Many toxins can cause a poor functioning thyroid. It is not always necessary to have your thyroid removed when you have a problem as there are many supplements that can help with thyroid dysfunction.


How Healthy is your Thyroid Gland?

Dr. Jurack is seeing more and more cases of thyroid problems not only in women but men and children as well. Here she shares some of the symptoms you may have that could indicate a thyroid problem. She also shares what the healthy TSH level should be and recommends if you are being checked for thyroid issues to also have your T3 and T4 levels checks. There are many causes of thyroid issues but she feels with good nutrition and possibly nutritional supplements if necessary and regular chiropractic adjustments invasive treatment may not be necessary