The beginning of a new year seems to stir up the things in our life we want to change or perhaps get started doing. Some will want to start exercising, or eating healthier, or perhaps reducing/removing the toxins they are exposed to on a daily basis. Some will make a list to help them achieve their goals for the new year.

I’m thinking about my goals for the garden, including the chickens. Have you heard the phrase, “more with less”? I want to apply that to my garden and the chickens this year. More of the fruits with less of the work.

In January, I sow seeds and set goals. Then comes the waiting, tending to the plants, patience while we work out the plans. Time and more time. Then the payoff comes. The harvest! That’s when we see the results of all our time, hard work and efforts. Seed, time and harvest equals rewards. I hope you will set your mind and keep it set. Stay focused and you will achieve your goals.

Muskego Health & Wellness Center will be offering some classes to help you achieve your goals.

Raising Backyard Chickens 101
Saturday, January 30 10:30am
Do you dream of raising your own backyard chickens but don’t know where to begin? Come join us as we explore the types of chickens to get for egg production, supplies you’ll need, plus, the ins and outs of what you need to know to start raising your own chickens and collecting your own “farm fresh” eggs. Some tips for how chickens can benefit using Young Living Oils will also be discussed. Copies of Muskego’s chicken ordinance will be available.
Register by calling our office at 414-422-1203.