The warm weather in February really motivated me to get my garden started. I’ve already planted outdoors some onions, sugar snap peas, spinach, kale, lettuce, radish, and garlic.
Now that it’s early March, I’ve already started seeing signs of growth. I can hardly wait for the harvest. Indoors, I’ve started melons, peppers, and tomatoes. Soon I will start Zucchini and the herbs and flowers that I want.
I’m planning my garden a bit different this year. I’m using the “More With Less” theory. More plantings in less space. I will keep you updated as to how that is working for me.
And now that March is here and the weather is so nice, I find myself spending more time outdoors. As we all begin the spring season, it’s important to have our bodies springing in shape to handle all the garden chores of raking, shoveling, planting, lifting, digging… you get it. Be sure to keep up with your chiropractic adjustments and don’t wait until you’re in pain. If you should injure yourself, remember ice. Ice is best, and get into see Dr. Jurack, ASAP.