As your Muskego chiropractor, over the years I have blogged often about the adverse effects of obesity on the musculoskeletal system. Because excess weight can cause misalignment of the spine, tilting of the pelvis, unhealthy gait patterns, and wear and tear on the joints, it has been my experience that preventative and relief measures, such as weight loss, is essential for good health. But, this time of year, my thoughts are not so much on those who have more than enough to eat, but on those who don’t get enough food each day to sustain their body in a healthy way.

During this holiday season many of my colleagues are offering incentives to current and new patients that, in exchange for chiropractic adjustments, will help to provide money for local food banks or food items for charitable organizations to distribute directly to those in need.

And, as Thanksgiving approaches, I want to offer my gratitude to all of my loyal patients who, as they move from the limitations of health challenges and into the freedom optimal health, give me hundreds of reasons to continue to do what I do. And, my appreciation goes out to my chiropractic colleagues, as well, who believe deeply in the efficacy of chiropractic treatment and through their dedicated work make such a great contribution, and big difference, to the people in their communities.