Quick Advice On Cervical Spondylosis


Quick Advice On Cervical Spondylosis

Symptoms of Cervical SpondylosisCervical spondylosis may lead to certain complications such as chronic neck pain, fecal incontinence or urinary incontinence, progressive loss of muscle function or feeling, and permanent disability. The spondylosis changes are mainly observed in cervical (neck) region and lumbar (lower back) region. For more info, visit www.spinewise.ca/what-you-need-to-know-about-spondylosis/.

This blog will help you understand the symptoms of cervical spondylosis as well as the treatments available.

Cervical Spondylosis Symptoms

1. Headaches
2. Dizziness
3. Pain or stiffness in the neck
4. Weakness in the shoulders, arms or hands
5. Pain that radiates into the arms or hands
6. Tingling or numbness in the shoulders, arms or hands
7. Grinding or “crunching” noise in the neck upon movement

The following alternative therapies were applied in the order they are listed:

1. Manual Neck Traction
2. Spinal Manipulation
3. Cupping
4. Herbal medicine
5. Neck Muscle Relaxant

Physical therapy may be recommended to learn exercises to relieve the cervical spondylosis symptoms. Take an active role in your health by learning even more about Cervical Spondylosis.

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