Supplements & Essential Oils

Supplements & Essential Oils

Nutrition Supplements & Chiropractic Care Make a Great Team

Nutrition supplements may be needed for the successful treatment of your condition or injury whether your problem originates in the bone of the tissue. Dr. Jurack can determine if you have a nutritional deficiency and may suggest a program of supplements be added to your treatment. There are several reasons for a nutritional deficiency and any one of them can influence your full recovery.

Why Nutritional Supplements Might Make The Difference

First, your condition may have evolved due to a deficiency in nutrition in the first place or it may have been a contributing factor. Therefore, any treatment without properly addressing your nutritional needs means that the treatments are handling the symptoms without addressing the actual cause of the problem. This error invariably leads to the problem continuing, or the possibility of its progressing into further problems.

Next, your nutritional needs may be met normally by your usual diet, but because of an injury that occurred or some condition that has evolved, your body now needs special nutritional supplements to speed healing or for complete healing to take place. Even though the injury or condition was not related to a nutritional deficiency, a deficiency may have been created by the problem.

Also, in some instances, a trauma or long-standing condition can interfere with the proper function of an organ. This may create a situation in which the normal function of a gland or organ has become so weakened that nutritional supplements are needed by the body until the organ becomes healthy again.

Even if you are healthy and healing will eventually take place, the healing process can be slowed by the extra stress on the body due to the injury, and high nutritional demands may be placed on the body because of it. The right nutritional supplements in the right amounts can speed healing.

Finally, healing may be incomplete in the absence of necessary nutrients and the injured area may never become as strong as it was and, thus, leaves it susceptible to later illnesses or a focal point for subsequent injury.

Good Quality Nutritional Supplements Are Important

High quality nutritional supplements that are needed for full healing and recovery are not likely to be found on bargain shelves or in the supplement aisle of the local pharmacy or grocery store. Too often, supplements available in drugstores and grocery stores have been subjected to processes that have destroyed much of the value of the nutrients, rendering them incapable of sufficiently aiding the recovery process.

As well, sometimes specific, rare nutrient supplements are available from companies that don’t sell through regular commercial outlets. Dr Jurack is concerned with offering the best options to our patients and recommends only the best supplements. Muskego Health and Wellness Center is a proud supplier of nutritional supplements formulated by high quality suppliers such as; Standard Process, Nutrition Dynamics, Metagenics, Biotics Research, Xymogen, Nutriwest, Thorne Research, Orthomolecular, and Forte Elements.

If you would like more information about the role nutritional supplements can play in your chiropractic treatment and how they can contribute to recovery, Dr. Jurack would be pleased to talk to you.

Essential Oils

In wellness centers around the world, essential oils are being used as part of energy healing and in formal care. Aromatherapy provides caregivers another tool to use in our patients treatment plans. As a contributor to overall wellness, the addition of essential oils can provide support in a variety of delivery methods.

  • Aromatic: Through direct inhalation or via diffuser, essential oils can transform your experience.
  • Topically: Many oils are beneficial when applied directly to the skin or with a carrier oil (like almond or coconut oil).
  • Internally: Many oils and products can be incorporated as dietary supplements. *

*Always check individual product labels for usage directions and dilution instructions.

At Muskego Health and Wellness Center, we proudly offer Young Living products. For more information about the essential oils that would best benefit you during your treatment process, be sure to consult with Dr. Jurack during your appointment or schedule a consultation.

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