I was suffering from severe constipation and burning pain throughout my back. I was tired all the time and only wanted to sleep. I struggled to get up in the morning. My back was burning all the time. I felt bloated and sluggish. I could not concentrate and I felt irritable all the time.
I tried exercise, Miralax, prunes, a good diet, and lots of water, but nothing seemed to help.
After a month of care, my results with Dr Jurack have been amazing! I feel great, my back and neck are almost pain free, and to this point on the medical food, I am having a bowel movement almost every day.
My results have been fast and my energy levels have improved quickly. The pain has subsided and I am able to pass my bowels.
I chose MHWC because my daughter sees Dr Jurack and we attended an enrichment presentation she gave at our church. I would recommend MHWC to others looking to make positive lifestyle changes and/or improve their health. So far, my results have been amazing.
Andrea D