Chiropractic Care Testimonials

Chiropractic Care Testimonials

Mark W

“Mark’s vision has been restored! Additionally, Mark lost 14 pounds in 6 weeks.”

Last October Mark experienced very severe blurred vision and double vision. He sought out the help of his primary doctor and 4 different eye specialists. After evaluation which included a heart scan, he was told there was nothing that could be done and it would take at least 90 days to get back to normal. This didn’t sit well with Mark who then decided to call MHWC and see if Dr Jurack could help him as she has done in the past.

After evaluating Mark, Dr Jurack recommended he start on a detox program and begin taking a customized adrenal tonic. Fast forward 6 weeks and with the help of Dr Jurack, Mark’s vision has been restored! Additionally, Mark lost 14 pounds in 6 weeks.

When asked if he feels his future will be better due to the care he received at MHWC and if he would recommend the natural approach of MHWC to others who suffer unnecessarily from illness or pain, Mark said one word…ABSOLUTELY.

I have suffered from the worsening misery of bone on bone arthritis in my knee for approximately three years. Advil was prescribed by my MD. It dulled the pain a bit but needed to be retaken regularly. I saw an orthopedist surgeon and suffered painful steroid injections for two years. The results were good but wore off quickly and were potentially harmful.

I was in severe pain when walking more than a block. Stiffness set in quickly when I sat for awhile-in a restaurant, in the car, at the computer, etc. I would have to stand in place for a time until the stiffness subsided before walking. Painful, Sleepless nights were common.

The last straw was when I visited my son’s family in Florida for a time in winter. The airport was the first challenge. Standing in lines was extremely difficult. along with walking long concourses, hurrying to gates, more stiffness on the landing, etc. When in Florida, I was limited in family activities I had previously enjoyed like walking the dog, shopping, excursions,etc.

After returning home, I received a card in the mail regarding a seminar explaining stem cell treatment presented by Dr Jurack of The Muskego Health & Wellness Center. This was a totally new concept to me but at this point I was willing to try anything. The only concern was the non-insurance coverage. I began stem cell treatment in June 2019 and it was the best investment I have made in my 75 years of life!! Results were evident almost immediately with the ease of exiting the car. Now seven months later I have a new lease on life. No more painful swelling, no stiffness, increased activity, and a quality of life that I have not experienced in years.

I have recommended stem cell treatment to my friends and will continue to do so. In comparison to surgery, stem cell treatment leave
1. No unsightly scar
2. Low infection risk
3. No weeks of painful recovery and physical therapy
4. No post surgery painful sleepless nights
5. No driving limitations
6. No lasting limitations =running , kneeling

Margaret K.

I am so very excited to share my testimony of a “Weed and Feed” protocol I am completing with Dr. Jurack. I am 8 weeks in to a 10 week program.
I need to first start this testimony off by saying how blessed the community is to have Dr. Jurack here to share her knowledge.

I have always been active in terms of daily body movement and exercise, along with being an extremely healthy eater. About 6 years ago out of nowhere I felt like I had a basketball in my lower abdominal area. I went through many different types of testing to rule out any serious or life threatening illnesses. There really was no serious cause any doctor could find. Possibly, just Irritable bowel syndrome.

I have always been bothered by this bloating as I do not believe a healthy body should have this occurring daily. I almost started to accept this as normal. Now, we are all learning we need a healthy gut to be healthy. I have tried ever diet there is and I still could not completely alleviate my low abdominal bloating, even with weight loss and exercise. Some things helped alot, but never 100%. I even started to remove foods I suspected caused bloating, but supplied important nutrients to our bodies. I have since realized it was not these foods that caused the bloating, it was my unhealthy gut. Something was in my gut that should not be there.

I started to visit Dr. Jurack about 5 years ago when I came in for food intolerance testing and IBS. I have since seen her for quick weight loss and chiropractic care, which all have been successful treatments.

About 2 months ago I made another visit to see Dr. Jurack. My major concerns were of brain fog, poor memory (in fact I forgot several times where I was driving to, even on the way to her office!). I was feeling nauseous upon waking. My lower abdominal bloating was still occurring as mentioned it has never completely gone away. Dr. Jurack’s suggestion was to do what she called a “Weed and Feed” protocol.
My results: AMAZING! Immediately I felt the brain fog disappear, my memory has improved and I began to suspect the bloating going away. Now, I was a little hesitant to get too excited, not 100% sure this was actually minimizing my bloating, as I have had this for 6 years! But, here I am today with 2 weeks left of this 10 week protocol and I am thrilled that I can confidently say my bloating is gone. I was so excited this morning that I sent Dr. Jurack a before and after picture of my lower abdominal area.

I am in such disbelief that over the past couple weeks I continue to look in the mirror at my lower abdominal area. But it’s true! This protocol is healing my gut. I can eat throughout the day with no unusual bloating occurring. This protocol has rid me of my brain fog as it continues to stay away. My memory is good. I no longer have nausea when I awake in the morning, and my intense food craving have subsided. In fact, after the Holidays when I needed to stop the indulgences it was so easy because of the support of the supplements. I have normal hunger/eating patterns. And I can only contribute these supplements to keeping me healthy through this flu season as well!

I hear so many woman complaining of unusual bloating. I was one of them. I can now confidently share with them how Dr. Jurack has helped me heal my gut! No sit ups or ab exercises could have done that! Believe me I have tried.
Thank you Dr. Jurack!!
Julie Ball

Julie B.

Shannon was getting headaches and lower back pain for years that were not going away and in fact were getting worse! Her headaches were constant and ranged from a severe migraine to more of an underlying annoyance in the background. Her pain escalated to the point that if she bent over, she had severe pain getting back to an upright position.
Upon seeing us 1 month ago, Shannon had not sought any other treatment. She had seen Dr Jurack at a work lunch and learn and figured she would have herself evaluated for the cause of the pain.

Since starting care with Dr Jurack, her headaches have become less frequent and less painful. Her lower back pain is almost completely gone! “I can function at work without being uncomfortable doing my job. I have less pain to deal with and it’s been GREAT!!!”

She is loving life again with these improvements and has been telling others that are suffering unnecessarily that they should be getting checked out too.
When asked about any additional comments, Shannon told us “Thanks for helping!”

I came to see Dr Jurack on 8/28/19 with left knee pain. The pain started on August 1st and I tried my usual heat and ice on it. Eventually the pain was so severe I couldn’t put pressure on the leg. I finally decided to see Dr Jurack and within 3 treatments I am at a point where I can walk without pain!

I can now walk up and down stairs and am enjoying getting back to normal. I have been working in the yard again, I am able to use my foot exerciser again and I am taking walks outside.
I personally did not go to any other doctor because I knew if Dr Jurack couldn’t help me that no one else could. I did not want to be forced to take strong pain meds and that is what I would have gotten if I went to my medical doctor.

As a result of the care at MHWC I have my life back because I can walk without pain!
I highly recommend MHWC to others suffering needlessly with pain. Surgery is not always the answer. You must try other options and listen to your body. Natural treatment like a chiropractic adjustment will work for many problems in the body as it did for my knee.

Janet K

I never realized until now, how important it is to my body and my sanity to stick to a regiment of chiropractic adjustments and or the use of natural supplement vitamins. My name is Lellet Marie Richard and I started seeing my chiropractor Dr. Janice Jurack on January 9th, 2017.
From the moment I met Dr Jurack and her staff, they not only served me as a business figure, but they went far and beyond to a more personal level to make me feel comfortable, which in return turned to a full connection of trust and faith with them. It was then I realized that Dr Jurack would be the one I would trust, to be able to help me get the relief I have been searching for, for years.

I have been fighting severe migraines, sinus headaches and fatigue since I was 18. Mind you I am now 52. Doctors have never been able to give me the relief of being pain free or come close to being able to live a less painful life on a day to day basis. But due to my belief in Dr Jurack, and coming in for consistent regular chiropractic adjustments and receiving her trained professional personal knowledge, of natural vitamins and supplements. Dr Janice Jurack has changed my life forever to the good. Now my belief that there are cures for migraine headaches, sinus headaches and fatigue, I just had to have faith and believe in myself and most of all find Dr. Jurack and her staff.

With all that I have said, I want to thank Perry Erb for having the faith and belief in Dr Jurack, and for giving me the encouragement to work with Dr Jurack with her vast knowledge and her chiropractic skills. Without him I wouldn’t have never received such amazing chiropractic adjustments and knowledge of how important it is to listen to our bodies. Again thank you Dr Janice Jurack for your trained professional technics, in helping me to live a more normal life.

Lellet Marie Richard

For the last 6 years I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis and vertigo for the last 20 years. I’d have to continually go to the Rheumatoid Specialist, the lab for blood work, and was on multiple medications. I was told that I would just have to live with these problems. But since seeing Dr. Jurack I have had more energy, less swelling and less pain. I am very excited to continue my chiropractic care with her and I would definitely recommend MHWC to anyone.


“These custom orthotics are total game changers! I can stand & walk so much easier with no recovery or soreness after.  I regret the times I leave the house without them.  Amazing!” JW

“OMG since I’ve been wearing my custom orthotics and getting adjustments from Dr. Jurack, I no longer have chronic neck or back pain!  I cut hair, and am on my feet all day.   I’ve had chronic neck and back pain for 15 years and have been going to other chiropractors.  I am so happy now”  CG

After seeing other chiropractors with no results Peter is noticing improvements in his mid back and rib pain within a couple of adjustments

Kelsey is excited after experiencing many fewer headaches and digestive issues in only 30 days

“My life was filled with constant pain. Severe left hip pain and muscle spasms had become overwhelming at times, disrupting not only my daily activities but also my overall well-being.

I had exhausted numerous avenues in search of relief, investing both time and money in physical therapy and acupuncture treatments. Despite my efforts, I found myself stuck in a cycle of disappointment as the pain persisted, leaving me feeling defeated and hopeless. To make matters worse, two different health care providers had suggested that I simply accept my fate and learn to navigate through good days and bad days.

Enter Dr. Jurack and the Muskego Health & Wellness Center – a turning point in my journey toward healing. From the very first consultation, Dr. Jurack instilled hope and confidence that resonated with me. Her commitment to understanding my unique situation, coupled with a personalized treatment plan, marked the beginning of a remarkable transformation.

Under Dr. Jurack’s care, my gait and functional mobility saw a 100% improvement. The results were not only tangible but also transformed my quality of life, both at home and at work. The pain that once dominated my every move became a distant memory, thanks to the expertise and dedication of Dr. Jurack.

I can confidently say that Dr. Jurack has not only helped me but has completely fixed me. Her holistic approach to wellness and unwavering commitment to her patients set Muskego Health & Wellness Center apart. I am grateful beyond words for the life-changing care I received.

For anyone enduring unnecessary illness and pain, I wholeheartedly recommend Muskego Health & Wellness Center. Dr. Jurack’s transformative approach has made a profound difference in my life, and I am certain it can do the same for others seeking relief and a renewed sense of well-being. Don’t settle for a life of limitations – choose Muskego Health & Wellness Center and fix the problem.”

“I have been a patient at Muskego Health & Wellness Center for close to five years, and I can confidently say that it has been a transformative and essential part of my life. My name is Mrinal, and I initially sought care from Dr. Jurack due to persistent back pain that had plagued me since 2010.

Before discovering Muskego Health & Wellness Center, I had tried various approaches to alleviate my back pain, including massage and physical therapy. While these provided temporary relief, the pain always seemed to return, leaving me searching for a more effective and sustainable solution. Driven by the need for a long-term and cost-effective way to manage my pain, I turned to Dr. Jurack.

What sets Dr. Jurack apart is her comprehensive understanding of individual needs. Upon learning about my hypermobility syndrome, she recommended a tailored program that addressed the root cause of my pain. The program not only provided relief but also offered a better approach to managing my condition.

Now, after completing the recommended program, I find that maintaining regular monthly adjustments, coupled with massage and strength training, significantly improves my day-to-day pain levels. The holistic approach at Muskego Health & Wellness Center has empowered me to take control of my well-being in a way that other treatments couldn’t.

I also appreciate the additional recommendations provided by Dr. Jurack, including personalized supplements and treatments like Ultrasound. These things have played a crucial role in enhancing my overall experience and contributing to my ongoing pain management.

If you are searching for a solution that goes beyond short-term relief and addresses the core of your pain issues, I recommend Muskego Health & Wellness Center. Dr. Jurack and her team have been instrumental in my journey to regaining control over my life and finding lasting relief. I encourage you to choose Muskego Health & Wellness Center for a comprehensive and effective approach to wellness.”

I first came to Muskego Health and Wellness Center back in winter 2017/spring 2018 for chiropractic care and then pre-natal chiropractic care but more recently in the fall of 2023 for GI issues, mainly constant heartburn and acid reflux that would not go away. 

I was treated for H. Pylori summer of 2022 with strong antibiotics among other things but, one year later the symptoms were coming back and just as worse. Dr. Jurack helped get to the root problem instead of just covering it up. 

We found out which foods triggered my issues and started on supplements to start to FIX the problem. Months later, I am doing and feeling so much better. I couldn’t thank Dr. Jurack and her team over the years for making such a positive impact on my health!

Allison H

I am so pleased with how things are going. I will admit, even though Dr. Jurack told me this would take time to fix, in the beginning I was expecting to be fully healed and fixed too soon. I used to have excruciating back pain and muscle spasms every day. It affected my sleep and day-to-day life greatly, even walking became a challenge. I was told by other doctors because of my arthritis and spinal curvature I would just have to live with it. Now, 6 months later, I can tell you with the care I have received here, I barely and rarely have pain at all. I go about my day without worrying how I will feel later or the next day. I feel so much stronger, and healthier. My advice is to be patient and follow Dr. Jurack’s recommendations. She knows what she is doing. I recommend her to others all the time.

Cindy B
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