Food Sensitivity Testing Testimonials

Food Sensitivity Testing Testimonials

I am so very excited to share my testimony of a “Weed and Feed” protocol I am completing with Dr. Jurack. I am 8 weeks in to a 10 week program.
I need to first start this testimony off by saying how blessed the community is to have Dr. Jurack here to share her knowledge.

I have always been active in terms of daily body movement and exercise, along with being an extremely healthy eater. About 6 years ago out of nowhere I felt like I had a basketball in my lower abdominal area. I went through many different types of testing to rule out any serious or life threatening illnesses. There really was no serious cause any doctor could find. Possibly, just Irritable bowel syndrome.

I have always been bothered by this bloating as I do not believe a healthy body should have this occurring daily. I almost started to accept this as normal. Now, we are all learning we need a healthy gut to be healthy. I have tried ever diet there is and I still could not completely alleviate my low abdominal bloating, even with weight loss and exercise. Some things helped alot, but never 100%. I even started to remove foods I suspected caused bloating, but supplied important nutrients to our bodies. I have since realized it was not these foods that caused the bloating, it was my unhealthy gut. Something was in my gut that should not be there.

I started to visit Dr. Jurack about 5 years ago when I came in for food intolerance testing and IBS. I have since seen her for quick weight loss and chiropractic care, which all have been successful treatments.

About 2 months ago I made another visit to see Dr. Jurack. My major concerns were of brain fog, poor memory (in fact I forgot several times where I was driving to, even on the way to her office!). I was feeling nauseous upon waking. My lower abdominal bloating was still occurring as mentioned it has never completely gone away. Dr. Jurack’s suggestion was to do what she called a “Weed and Feed” protocol.
My results: AMAZING! Immediately I felt the brain fog disappear, my memory has improved and I began to suspect the bloating going away. Now, I was a little hesitant to get too excited, not 100% sure this was actually minimizing my bloating, as I have had this for 6 years! But, here I am today with 2 weeks left of this 10 week protocol and I am thrilled that I can confidently say my bloating is gone. I was so excited this morning that I sent Dr. Jurack a before and after picture of my lower abdominal area.

I am in such disbelief that over the past couple weeks I continue to look in the mirror at my lower abdominal area. But it’s true! This protocol is healing my gut. I can eat throughout the day with no unusual bloating occurring. This protocol has rid me of my brain fog as it continues to stay away. My memory is good. I no longer have nausea when I awake in the morning, and my intense food craving have subsided. In fact, after the Holidays when I needed to stop the indulgences it was so easy because of the support of the supplements. I have normal hunger/eating patterns. And I can only contribute these supplements to keeping me healthy through this flu season as well!

I hear so many woman complaining of unusual bloating. I was one of them. I can now confidently share with them how Dr. Jurack has helped me heal my gut! No sit ups or ab exercises could have done that! Believe me I have tried.
Thank you Dr. Jurack!!
Julie Ball

Julie B.

I had daily, chronic diarrhea for weeks.  I went to my general practitioner and lab tests were conducted.  All the lab results came back negative.  I was given a prescription to calm my stomach and told I might have IBS/diarrhea.  I asked my doctor about changing my diet and was told it wasn’t a factor.  

I mentioned the situation to Dr. Jurack on one of my regular visits.  She mentioned doing food and mineral testing, which I had done with her years ago.  After 2 months of no relief, I finally made an appointment to get tested by Dr. Jurack.  Results immediately showed I had a leaky gut and raised yeast levels. 

Dr. Jurack put me on GI Sustain for gastrointestinal nutritional support along with 3 supplements and gave me dietary recommendations.  Within 2 days my symptoms improved!

After 30 days, Dr. Jurack re-tested me and my body is responding to treatment.  I will be continuing a modified course of treatment for another 30 days and then get re-tested again. 

I feel so much better!  I only regret not getting tested sooner so my relief could have been faster! 

I am grateful to Dr. Jurack for her knowledge and help! 

Karen Kumm

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