Treat Fibromyalgia Easily at Spinewise Clinic


Treat Fibromyalgia Easily at Spinewise Clinic

There is not any exact cure recommended in treating fibromyalgia but symptoms are minimized by using medications and other procedures. This muscular and skeletal disorder has greatly lessened the patient’s quality of life and the levels dysfunction. Four major factors must be given special considerations:

1. Pain – The widespread pain sensation is the basic symptom of this disorder and most medications have been impotent in giving permanent relief. Patients claim that NSAIDs offers only around 20% relief and although narcotics reduced the severity of discomfort, it has unpleasant side effects. Therapists recommended improving ergonomics, biomech imbalance and formula of regular stretching; also the application of hot pads, acupuncture, and tens unit. If you want to get additional information about fibromyalgia, go to our website.

2. Exercise –Stretching with aerobics is recommended in treating fibromyalgia. Prior to stretching, the muscles must be kept warm by the application of heat pads, warm bath and hot tub. Stretching will relax the tightening muscles band. The activity must be done gradually and sustained for 60 seconds. It must perform 3 times a week.

These are some of the most important things that you should remember about the best ways to treat the basis of fibromyalgia. You got to ensure that you do some proper research here and then start looking for the right doctor to help you out. Stay fit and healthy.

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