Weight Loss Program For Healthy Life


Weight Loss Program For Healthy Life

Weight-Loss-ProgramWeight loss is the topic that is discussed by 85% of people all over the world. Nowadays people are looking for a fast and effective way to reduce their weight. Weight loss is good for many conditions.

Let’s c some health problems attached to overweight:

  1. Heart disease: With excess body weight, it takes real hard work for the heart to perform its function of supplying blood to all the body parts
  2. High Blood Pressure: When the heart is to work beyond its normal capacity due to overweight, the pressure at which the blood is supplied in the arteries automatically has to be high in other to reach all the parts.
  3. Diabetes: An overweight of 11 to 18 pounds doubles the risk of type 2 diabetes. Overweight and diabetes has a direct link. About 80% of those suffering from diabetes are overweight or obese.
  4. Cancer: Research has just shown that overweight and obesity are associated with increased risk of endometrial, gallbladder, colon, kidney, prostate and post-menopausal cancers.
  5. Arthritis: The risk of arthritis development is reported to increase from about 10 – 13% by an added weight of 2 pounds. Fat loss improves the symptoms of arthritis.
  6. Sleep Disorders: Breath interruption during Sleep, Known as sleep apnea is very common in overweight and obese people. Snoring and blocked breathing passages could make one have inadequate sleep, leading to drowsiness during the day.

Spinewise Chiropractic clinic in Bowmanville offers excellent treatment to their patients in their Weight Loss programs.

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