A recent, groundbreaking study has shown for the first time that many invasive breast tumors spontaneously regress when left undiagnosed and untreated.  Before the study, there had been little or no research regarding what happens when such tumors go untreated, as they are usually quickly and aggressively removed.

The study found that women who received the most breast screenings had a higher 6-year cumulative incidence of invasive breast cancer than those who received far less. The researchers concluded that the natural course of many of the screen-detected invasive breast cancers is to spontaneously regress.

According to Green Med Info:

“This study adds to a growing body of clinical evidence showing that breast cancer is best treated by removing the cause, e.g. carcinogens, chronic stress, chemical and radiation exposures, food intolerances, etc., and utilizing immune-enhancing and nutritional/herbal therapies with a relatively low risk of toxicity vis-à-vis conventional oncology treatments. Once this strategy is employed bodily self-healing can be activated and many so-called ‘cancers’ will remain benign or regress ‘spontaneously’ without medical intervention.”


Green Med Info