Work Accident Injury Due to Defective Work Equipment


Work Accident Injury Due to Defective Work Equipment

work-auto-injuryA worker who is injured at work as a direct result of the use of a piece work tools that turns out to be defective. This is the main reason to any accident occur at work place. If a worker is injured because of an inherent defect in equipment, the manager will be held responsible regardless of fault.

However, this may be true for many types of accidents that arise as a result of faulty equipment at work.

Any part of the body may be damaged in a workplace accident. The back is especially prone to injuries, ranging from mild soft tissue sprains to cracked or crushed vertebrae. The vertebrae protect the spinal cord, which itself controls all movement and sensation in the human body.

Work accident injuries at Bowmanville is normally caused by the lifting of heavy weights, or the repetitive performance of motions which place strain on the back, such as bending and twisting. Head and neck injuries at work may result from falls from height, object falling, or work vehicle accidents.

Injuries to the face can be extremely traumatic, combining as they do physical and psychological factors. Compensation awards in this area normally reflect the extent of any facial scarring.

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