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Dr Janice Jurack

Meet Dr. Janice Jurack

Dr Janice Jurack is owner and head chiropractor at Muskego Health and Wellness Center. The Premiere Chiropractic and Functional Medicine Clinic in the area. She has been serving Muskego and the surrounding communities for over 17 years.Read more…

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We use gentle and specific chiropractic adjusting techniques as well as other services to help our patients recover and maintain their optimal health.

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I came to see Dr Jurack on 8/28/19 with left knee pain. The pain started on August 1st and I tried my usual heat and ice on it. Eventually the pain was so severe I couldn’t put pressure on the leg. I finally decided to see Dr Jurack and within 3 treatments I am at a point where I can walk without pain!
I can now walk up and down stairs and am enjoying getting back to normal. I have been working in the yard again, I am able to use my foot exerciser again and I am taking walks outside.
I personally did not go to any other doctor because I knew if Dr Jurack couldn’t help me that no one else could. I did not want to be forced to take strong pain meds and that is what I would have gotten if I went to my medical doctor.
As a result of the care at MHWC I have my life back because I can walk without pain!
I highly recommend MHWC to others suffering needlessly with pain. Surgery is not always the answer. You must try other options and listen to your body. Natural treatment like a chiropractic adjustment will work for many problems in the body as it did for my knee.

Janet K


I never realized until now, how important it is to my body and my sanity to stick to a regiment of chiropractic adjustments and or the use of natural supplement vitamins. My name is Lellet Marie Richard and I started seeing my chiropractor Dr. Janice Jurack on January 9th, 2017.
From the moment I met Dr Jurack and her staff, they not only served me as a business figure, but they went far and beyond to a more personal level to make me feel comfortable, which in return turned to a full connection of trust and faith with them. It was then I realized that Dr Jurack would be the one I would trust, to be able to help me get the relief I have been searching for, for years.
I have been fighting severe migraines, sinus headaches and fatigue since I was 18. Mind you I am now 52. Doctors have never been able to give me the relief of being pain free or come close to being able to live a less painful life on a day to day basis. But due to my belief in Dr Jurack, and coming in for consistent regular chiropractic adjustments and receiving her trained professional personal knowledge, of natural vitamins and supplements. Dr Janice Jurack has changed my life forever to the good. Now my belief that there are cures for migraine headaches, sinus headaches and fatigue, I just had to have faith and believe in myself and most of all find Dr. Jurack and her staff.
With all that I have said, I want to thank Perry Erb for having the faith and belief in Dr Jurack, and for giving me the encouragement to work with Dr Jurack with her vast knowledge and her chiropractic skills. Without him I wouldn’t have never received such amazing chiropractic adjustments and knowledge of how important it is to listen to our bodies. Again thank you Dr Janice Jurack for your trained professional technics, in helping me to live a more normal life.

Lellet Marie Richard


For 6 years, Lauren had been suffering with headaches. She also had constant stomach pain for 6 months that got worse whenever she ate. After spending literally thousands of dollars on physical therapy, medical treatment and pills, she was told she just had to learn to live with it (and take a different prescription pill)…Read more…

Lauren W.


“Muskego Health & Wellness Center has changed my life!” Dr. Jurack has skillfully adjusted my back and reduced my neck and leg pain (no more headaches…Hurrah!) I did not expect anything but spinal adjustments at a chiropractor’s office, but here there was more…Much more…read more…

Barb L.


For the last 6 years I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis and vertigo for the last 20 years. I’d have to continually go to the Rheumatoid Specialist, the lab for blood work, and was on multiple medications. I was told that I would just have to live with these problems. But since seeing Dr. Jurack I have had more energy, less swelling and less pain. I am very excited to continue my chiropractic care with her and I would definitely recommend MHWC to anyone.



Like many other older women, I began gaining weight a few pounds a year after 40. I had tried to reduce calories and increase exercise but was not able to lose the weight. At 193 lbs, I knew I needed to do something. I attended a presentation by Dr. Jurack on a weight loss program. It would be necessary to follow almost perfectly. I knew this was something I would like to try. I began in January and since then have lost 35 lbs. As I saw the pounds start to come off and with the help and support of Dr. Jurack and staff, it was easy to continue. To anyone else struggling to lose weight, I would strongly recommend the HCG weight loss program.

Linda G.


With all the much needed support from the staff at Muskego Health , I completed the program and accomplished my weight loss goal. I feel great, am taking the supplements, and getting the necessary spinal adjustments that allow me to continue exercising. Dr. Jurack also recommended a thyroid supplement which helped slow down my hair loss. Thanks to Dr. Jurack and her staff for making my journey successful!


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